5 Healthy Habits for Your Body, Mind, and Soul

5 Healthy Habits for Your Body, Mind, and Soul

Did you know that most New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by the first week of February? Too often, people make “big” resolutions that require significant lifestyle changes that prove too difficult to sustain. At Wildcrafter, we love a good New Year’s resolution as a way to identify our larger goals – but we believe that wellbeing is built upon healthy habits that we can easily incorporate into our daily lives.

So, we have put together these 5 Healthy Habits for Your Body, Mind, and Soul that will help you transform your daily routines into wellness rituals to help keep you healthy, happy, and on track all year long!

Healthy Habit #1: Shift Your Focus to Wellness

Too often, we set our personal health goals based on things like weight or fitting into a certain pair of jeans. This can create stress around reaching these goals, especially when it takes time to achieve them. Instead of taking this approach, focus on your overall wellness which includes not just your physical health, but your spiritual and mental health as well. Once you make this transition, you may find it easier to stick to your healthy habits while taking pressure off yourself. And the rest of our tips below will make it easier to do this!

Healthy Habit #2: Balance Your Diet

We know that this one sounds like a broken record, but that’s because it’s a tried and true healthy habit! Eating a balanced diet focused on natural and whole foods like lean proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables can help improve your mood, get better sleep, achieve your fitness goals, and improve your overall health. It’s also important to avoid processed foods that are high in calories and low in sugar on a regular basis, as these can actually deplete your energy levels without really filling you up. That said, it’s still OK to indulge in your guilty food pleasures every now and then!

Healthy Habit #3: Create a Daily Self-Care Ritual

The daily grind is tough! Between work, family, and managing a never-ending To-Do list, there’s barely enough time left for a good night’s sleep! That said, it’s so important to work a daily self-care ritual into your schedule so you can give both your body and mind a break to reset and recharge. This can be a quiet walk outside with your dog midday, a relaxing hot bath before bed, journaling when you tend to feel the most stressed to help relieve tension, or getting some additional wellness benefits from your daily coffee with one of Wildcrafter’s botanical blends. Whether you can give 15 minutes or one hour, a little break for some TLC will help keep your spirits and your energy up.

Healthy Habit #4: Stay Connected

Studies have shown that spending time with loved ones is one of the best ways to relieve stress. But with many continuing to practice social distancing, we aren’t getting as much in-person time these days with our closest friends and family members. While there’s no replacing an in-person hug or venting session, it’s still important to carve out time to stay virtually connected however you can – video chat, phone call, or even going old school and sending a handwritten note.

Healthy Habit #5: Nurture Your Mental Health

So often, we prioritize our physical health in terms of diet and exercise while completely overlooking our mental health. In today’s “always-on” world, we tend to feel compelled to internalize our stress and anxiety so we can do whatever it takes to get things done. When we don’t nurture our mental health, we risk compromising our immune systems, impacting the quality of our sleep, and not experiencing daily joy and happiness. Simple ways to do this include getting daily exercise (even if it’s just a 15 minute walk), creating a gratitude journal to help focus on the positive, doing something kind for yourself (see our Self-Care tips above) or someone else, and sharing your thoughts and feelings with a loved one.

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