5 Super Cozy Morning Coffee Rituals

5 Super Cozy Morning Coffee Rituals

Ask any coffee drinker, and they will probably tell you that the first piping hot sip of their morning coffee is typically happening while they are doing about a million other things. This means that the first cup is usually being gulped down while they are starting to feel the anxiety of today’s to-do list, getting the kids ready, or even while they are jumping on the day’s first Zoom meeting. (Who thought 8am was a good idea?) In other words, morning coffee is a means to an end versus a ritual to be savored and enjoyed.

At Wildcrafter, we not only believe that your morning coffee should deliver additional health and wellness benefits, but we also believe that it should be the center of a ritual that you look forward to. By giving yourself just 15-30 minutes after waking up to get cozy and really enjoy every sip, you can help your body and mind to focus and align with your intentions for the day ahead. Who knows, you may even find that you stop hitting the snooze button!

Here are 5 of our favorite ideas for Super Cozy Morning Coffee Rituals to inspire you to create your own:

Morning Coffee with PJs & Affirmations

5 Super Cozy Morning Coffee Rituals

Photo Credit: @to.kale.and.back on Instagram

Why not make your morning cup of joe the very first thing you do, before even getting out of your favorite PJs? While you are taking in the flavors of each sip and feeling your body and mind start to wake, we suggest grabbing your favorite book of affirmations of inspirational quotes to get your head in a positive space before you start your day. Oh, and if you work from home, we’d like to note that we support staying in your PJs for the rest of the day!

Fuel Up with Mother Nature (and a Side of a Fabulous Mug)

5 Super Cozy Morning Coffee Rituals

Photo Credit: Steve Schonberg

Getting exposure to natural sunlight first thing in the morning is a great way to signal to your internal body clock that it’s time to wake up and get ready for the day. So, why not take in the sunlight and your morning coffee at the same time? Kick up your feet and get super cozy and relaxed while you enjoy mother nature and your favorite hot beverage. Our friend pictured here is lucky enough to have an outdoor patio by the pool for some enhanced scenery. But, even just getting out on the balcony and porch while you sip will work. And, bonus points for finding a coffee mug that reminds you of how magical you are!

Sip With the One You Love

5 Super Cozy Morning Coffee Rituals

In today’s 24/7 world, it’s way too easy to pass by your significant other like ships passing in the night  – and miss out on opportunities to really connect. We love the idea of making your morning coffee a shared ritual with your other half and using the time to hear what’s on the agenda for the day ahead. Make it cozy by sitting close to one another someplace where you are both comfortable. You can also use this time to get any stresses or anxieties off your shoulders about things you have to do, or things that have been on your mind.

Or…Sip With the Furry One You Love

5 Super Cozy Morning Coffee Rituals

Not only are pets part of our families, but they are also fantastic stress relievers! Spending time with them can help reduce anxiety by giving us something positive to focus on. So, before you set off on your day when you will either be physically separated from your furry friend, or too busy to really pay them close attention, why not start the day with them by your side while you fuel up? After all, is there anything cozier than a loving, furry best friend nuzzled up by your side? (We won’t judge you if you decide to talk to them about what’s on the day’s agenda, either.)

Enjoy a Homemade Breakfast

5 Super Cozy Morning Coffee Rituals

Photo Credit: @veggiesandchocolate on Instagram

Breakfast, much like morning coffee, tends to be rushed through or skipped altogether. Once you have mastered the art of giving yourself 15-30 minutes each morning for your new coffee ritual, why not kill two birds with one stone and savor a delicious and nutritious breakfast before your day begins? After all, it’s the most important meal of the day because it helps fuel you up while helping you make better food choices throughout the day. For an extra treat, load up a tray, get cozy in bed, and enjoy every sip and bite!

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