Beginner’s Guide to Biohacking with Coffee

Beginner’s Guide to Biohacking with Coffee

As our culture leans more and more towards natural solutions for improved health and wellness, we have seen several new trends emerge recently including “biohacking”. If you have used the Internet at all over the past couple of years, chances are that you have come across this term. And, chances are that you don’t quite understand what that means let alone understand how coffee can possibly be involved. You are not alone, and we are going to break it all down for you in this blog post – including tips on how you can do some basic biohacking simply by upgrading your daily coffee routine.

Let’s start at the beginning. What is biohacking?

The answer really depends on who you ask – and it can get complicated. According to Sogeti Labs, biohacking is the idea that human potential can be maximized by using medical, nutritional, and physical practices. Individuals combine the use of biology with hacking in order to achieve certain goals such as increased concentration, improved attention span, better memory, and enhanced learning capacity.

While some individuals take biohacking to extremes, most people are interested in applications that can easily integrate into their daily lives to help them feel better.

For example, James Hamblin identified sleep, spending time in nature, moving your body, and eating good food as some of the realistic biohacks that everyone should master in an article for The Atlantic. Now, you may be wondering how such basic things that everyone should do daily for optimal health and wellness could qualify as biohacks. Let us explain.

We live in a world that is on 24/7, one where individuals prioritize hours spent working over hours spent sleeping and where we seek the faster path of masking the symptoms of our health issues versus addressing the root cause. For example, many people turn to over-the-counter sleep aids versus addressing underlying stress and anxieties that are causing poor sleep.

So, at its core biohacking is actually about striking a balance between the evergreen needs of the human body to function at its best and the demands of the world we live in.

Nootropics & Adaptogens

What we eat and drink plays a significant role in our body’s overall performance, which is why diet plays such an important role in biohacking. In addition to eating a balanced, whole-foods based diet, another popular way to biohack with diet is through nootropics and adaptogens. If your head is spinning, don’t worry, we are going to explain.

Nootropics are substances that work to improve cognitive performance (caffeine is one of the most popular, if not most popular, nootropic), while adaptogens are a category of botanicals that act in a general and gentle way to support the body’s stress response.* The most important thing to know is that both nootropics and adaptogens are derived from plants and are generally considered safe, natural ways to start biohacking, if taking in appropriate amounts.

So, with the exception of caffeine being one of the most popular nootropics, what does any of this have to do with coffee?

Beginner’s Guide to Biohacking with Coffee

Biohacking with Coffee

We know that caffeine is a popular nootropic due to its ability to enhance energy, alertness, and mood. When you combine this with the potential of nootropics and adaptogens, you have one powerful (and delicious) biohack that you can make part of your daily routine. But, how can you get started with adding these substances to your coffee to reap the benefits?

With Wildcrafter coffee, we’ve already done the work for you. Each of our four unique blends is infused with carefully selected botanicals that span the nootropic and adaptogen categories. Our blends were formulated by doctor and expert in botanical medicine, Tieraona Low Dog, MD, in order to contain meaningful levels of these beneficial plants so that you actually feel the difference. Here are the plant-based ingredients that we infuse into each blend to promote specific benefits:

Inner Warrior Blend for Energy

  • Maca
  • Lion’s Mane
  • Rhodiola Root

Creative Focus Blend for Clarity

  • Ashwagandha
  • Bacopa

Immune Shield Blend for Immune Defense

  • Reishi Mushroom
  • Astragalus
  • Elderberry

Spiritual Chill Blend for Calm (Decaf)

  • Passionflower
  • Chamomile
  • Holy Basil

You can mix and match our blends throughout the day based on your specific needs. For example, you may choose to start your day with a boost of energy from Inner Warrior, then take your midday coffee break with Creative Focus to break the slump and reset your focus, then end your day with some relaxation from our Spiritual Chill Blend. Then, our Immune Shield blend can be swapped out for your morning or midday blend if you are looking for a little immune boost.

You can even take your biohacking to the next level and make a mixed pot or cup of coffee. Blending Immune Shield with Inner Warrior can give you a healthy boost plus get you up and going with sustainable energy. These combinations can give your body exactly what it needs depending on the day or even time of day that you make a cup of joe.

Beginner’s Guide to Biohacking with Coffee

Are you ready to transform your daily coffee routine into a biohacking ritual? There’s no easier way to get started! 

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