Coffee As A Botanical

Coffee As A Botanical

Coffee has been a beloved beverage for centuries, and many of us drink it faithfully every day. Some drink it to keep up with their demanding pace of life. Others drink it to make studying more enjoyable and improve focus. Parents drink it to keep up with their kids and others simply because they like the way it tastes or it is a habit they enjoy.

Whatever the motivation for your daily cup, what’s inside the cup has been around for a long time, and our interest in it crosses cultures, generations, and political and religious preferences. Although our general interest and love for coffee hasn’t changed much, our curiosity about new ways of enjoying it are being explored.

History of Coffee

It’s probably safe to say that most of us can recognize a roasted coffee bean, but it might surprise you to know that they aren’t really beans at all. They are the roasted seeds of the fruit, or cherry, of the coffee plant. Originating in Ethiopia, story has it a farmer’s goats ate the fruits from the coffee plant and became super energized. When monks at the local monastery caught wind of this, they started using this mysterious plant to stay awake for long hours of prayer and meditation. Just when you thought giving up coffee would help you meditate, think again.

Over time, word of this energizing plant would spread across civilizations, one sip at a time. Coffee became a catalyst for conversation and sharing. They may not have had Instagram to post pictures of their morning cup of coffee perfectly staged on the family farm, but they sure did talk about it.

As the awareness of coffee grew, so did the demand, providing a new currency used in trade and which would, eventually, become one of the world’s most profitable exports. This newly found natural botanical, coffee, made a name for itself. Travelers would visit the East and learn of coffee, and coffee shops began popping up everywhere. Sounds like your neighborhood right?

Coffee became a catalyst for conversation and sharing. It was an element of life that could bring people together and was a common ground for people to meet on, or sip on. 

As the awareness of coffee grew and spread through word of mouth, the demand grew for this plant’s most loved beans. Plantations popped up all over, providing a new currency that was used to trade, given as gifts and ultimately a botanical that would become one of the world’s most profitable exports. 

Coffee has touched so many lives, heard so many conversations, created so many jobs, and is a part of the very fabric of our society. This botanical is partly loved for its diversity of flavors, and also for that amazing latte art your barista somehow executes with perfection every morning! How do they do it?Hard to believe it all started with a few goats on a hillside. 

Evolution of Coffee Today

Today, some things have changed and others are the same. We still gather in coffee shops or around tables to share a conversation over a cup of joe. We invite others into our homes to share in a cup of coffee. But we’ve certainly become more creative when it comes to the many ways we can brew and consume this delightful beverage. From the French press to the stove top percolator to drip coffee and K Cups®, you definitely have options when it comes to how you make your coffee.

The way we brew coffee has progressed. From the french press to the stove top percolator to drip coffee and the K Cup® system, you definitely have options when it comes to the delivery of coffee. You can get a pour over at the hip coffee house down the road or save money and time and have a cup in the comfort of your own home while you cook, work, or keep the kids entertained.  

But why only extract coffee for your morning brew? That is the question our founder Tieraona Low Dog, MD and her husband asked at the breakfast table one morning. The idea of blending other botanicals in coffee would later – after much taste testing – become the inspiration for Wildcrafter Botanicals. By combining the wonderful taste and aroma of coffee with other botanicals, you can now have more than just a cup of joe: you can have blends with benefits that you can actually feel.

Wildcrafter adds the science of botanicals to the convenience of K Cup® coffee, so you get the most out of every sip. With the K-Cup® system, we can deliver an exact amount of coffee and botanicals in each cup. The pressurized hot water is ideal for the extraction of the key compounds found in coffee and other botanicals.

Now your daily coffee ritual can have added benefits through meaningful amounts of botanicals like maca, ashwagandha, reishi, elderberry, bacopa leaf, and more! And taste? Don’t worry! The bold, dark roast compliments our botanicals, so you get the familiar coffee flavor you love.

Just by drinking your everyday cup of coffee, Wildcrafter helps give your body a boost with Immune Shield, bring the day into focus with Creative Focus, and manage everyday stress with Spiritual Chill, all while tackling your daily grind like a champion with Inner Warrior.*

Coffee is an amazing and powerful botanical, that when combined with other plants, can give you even more out of every sip! From carefully selected botanicals to sustainably sourced, fair trade organic coffee, you now have an option that meets your quality standards while enhancing your overall health and well-being.

We invite you to give one – or all – of our thoughtfully crafted blends a try! We are confident you will feel the difference.