Coffee With Added Energy To Keep You Going Without The Crash

Coffee With Added Energy To Keep You Going Without The Crash

If you feel like you can’t function without your first cup of coffee, you’re not the only one:  Sixty-four percent of American adults said they had at least one cup of coffee the day before, according to a survey conducted by the National Coffee Association in 2018. This percentage was up from 2017 and is the highest seen since 2012. 

Why do so many of us start the day with coffee? For most people, it’s the caffeine. The power of caffeine to perk us up is undeniable. It has been shown to increase alertness, clearing mental cobwebs so we can think more clearly. And, as any coffee drinker will tell you, caffeine can also give you an energy boost and even lift your mood. 

Of course, caffeine consumption isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Lots of people get jittery or anxious when they have too much caffeine, often not realizing they’ve overdone it until they start to feel shaky and on edge. And when the caffeine wears off, it doesn’t exactly let you down easy—it’s more of a crash landing.

So every morning you down your java and get your caffeine fix. But why stop at caffeine, which may make you feel good in the short term but comes back to bite you later? Why not drink a delicious cup of coffee infused with botanical blends that can help keep you going all day, no matter what life throws at you?

Using nature as our inspiration and science as our foundation, Wildcrafter has given a naturally beneficial upgrade to your favorite pick-me-up beverage, coffee, with meaningful amounts of botanicals. We know how much you love your morning (or afternoon) cuppa, so we took it to the next level by adding energizing and supportive herbs to sustain you through all of life’s challenges. We like to think of our coffees as blends with benefits.

Better Focus For Busy Workers

These days, it’s not uncommon for people to hold down a full-time job while also working another gig. 44 million Americans report having a side hustle like selling handmade goods online, running errands for others, or driving for a ride-sharing service. 

With so many of us working harder than ever, it can be difficult to give our many responsibilities the attention they deserve. How can you shut out the noise and find focus? 

While coffee or energy drinks might seem like the answer when you hit that afternoon slump, your body needs more than just a temporary boost. Luckily, nature has provided a small number of plants and mushrooms known as adaptogens that have the ability to help the body better to adapt to daily stressors. Adaptogens can help improve our physical and mental energy, stamina and mood*, and they make a powerful addition to Wildcrafter’s botanical blends. When your body and mind have the support they need to handle stress, you’re better able to focus on your work.

From side hustlers to high-powered execs and everyone in between, we can all use a little extra something to get us in the zone. Botanically-infused coffee can give you the natural kick you need to bring work (and life in general) into focus in a sustained and healthy way.

Study Support For Swamped Students

Students are another group of people that rely pretty heavily on caffeine to get them through the day. Whether you’re working toward a PhD or struggling to get through biochem class, you’re likely doing more reading and studying than you thought humanly possible. What can you do to help you memorize the mountains of information you’re taking in every day? 

Well, folks, this isn’t necessarily something new. Scholars throughout the centuries have struggled to learn and memorize long passages. Monks have found it difficult to stay focused during long periods of meditation. The Monks turned to nature and found that certain plants were found to help with focus and concentration—a category of plants we call nootropics.

At the Wildcrafter, we crafted Creative Focus, a blend that help you to stay on task and on point. It includes two of our favorite botanicals:

  • Bacopa herb – Bacopa has been revered in India for millennia for its ability to sharpen the intellect, enhance focus and support healthy cognition.*
  • Ashwagandha root  In India, ashwagandha has been considered a medhya rasayana, a plant that supports the mind and intellect, for more than 2000 years.*

Combing the power of brain-boosting nootropics and sustaining adaptogens with dark roast coffee, Creative Focus can give your body the healthy energy it needs to power through finals week and beyond.*

Increased Energy For Exhausted Parents, Increased Calm For Frazzled Ones

Some say parenting is the hardest job you’ll ever have, and the people that disagree with this statement have probably never had children! No matter if you’re first-timers caring for a newborn or seasoned veterans with teenagers, raising kids is exhausting— especially since most parents are doing it on not enough sleep.

Parents face up to six years of sleep deprivation after their first child is born, according to recent research. Perhaps unsurprisingly, moms are hit particularly hard in the sleep department, with women losing an hour of sleep every night compared to their pre-pregnancy rest levels in the first few months after a baby is born.

So you’re tired all the time and you have a mile long to-do list that never seems to get any shorter. What do you do? It’s not as if you have the luxury of throwing in the towel and taking a nap, not when you have little people depending on you. So instead of shutting down you reach for cup after cup of coffee, hoping it will help you make it through the day. 

When you trade in your plain old coffee for a botanically-infused blend, you get an energizing blend of herbs along with your beloved caffeine. Burned out parents in particular can really benefit from the adaptogens in our blends. These plants possess a near-magical ability to help your body respond to stress, going where they’re needed to provide you with sustained support—without the initial jolt and subsequent crash of caffeine.*

Here are the adaptogens in our Wildcrafter Inner Warrior blend:

  • Rhodiola root – Loved by the Vikings, this arctic root is used to help counter fatigue and enhance physical and mental performance.*
  • Maca root – From high in the Andes mountains, maca root has long been used to support stamina and vitality.*
  • Lion’s mane mushroom – This edible “smart” mushroom helps support healthy brain and nerve function, as well as promoting gastrointestinal health.*

And for those moments when you need to relax and unwind?

Let’s face it—self care is a necessity these days. Like the flight attendants remind us before the plane takes off: put your own oxygen mask on before helping others. Busy parents don’t get a lot of down time, so how about a mug of botanically-infused, decaffeinated coffee to help you rest and recharge?

Throughout history, people have turned to the plants to help ease worries and promote relaxation. We’ve included some in our Spiritual Chill blend. These are herbs that can turn an ordinary decaf into self care in a cup:

  • Chamomile flower  This herb has been cherished for millennia for its gentle, soothing effects. 
  • Holy basil leaf – This “elixir of life” has been treasured since ancient times for its ability to enhance clarity of thought and create a calm state of mind.*
  • Passionflower herb – This beautiful flowering plant has long been known to relieve tension and promote a relaxed state of being.*

Whether you’re looking to amp up or ramp down, botanically-infused coffee can provide the natural support exhausted and frazzled parents so desperately need. It seems like taking care of yourself moves to the bottom of your to-do list when the kids are always on the move. When you finally have a quiet moment, the herbs in our Spiritual Chill blend take a boring cup of decaf and elevate it to a soothing self care ritual.

Healthy Coffee That Tastes Like Coffee

Reaping the health benefits of botanically-infused coffee with added energy doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor. Wildcrafter coffee is:

  • Organic
  • Fair trade
  • Bold and delicious dark roast 
  • Made from 100% Arabica beans
  • Sourced from women and community-owned farming cooperatives in Colombia

You work hard—at work, at school, at home with your family. When you swap your normal cup for a Wildcrafter blend, you’re making a healthy choice to take care of your hard-working body with natural botanicals, all while enjoying your favorite beverage.