Get Deeper Relaxation From Plants

Get Deeper Relaxation From Plants

Coffee and tea have been revered throughout history, loved by millions, and they have both been a major part of trade and economic development across the world. Both of these beverages, loved by millions, provide more than a cup of happy feelings or fuel for conversation; these plants share many qualities, including being beneficial for our health and providing us with daily ritual experiences.

Both contain antioxidants and help support brain and heart health. Many varieties of tea contain caffeine, though less than you’d find in a cup of coffee. The main perceived difference between these two beverages is that tea is seen as relaxing, while coffee is strongly associated with energy. While decaf coffee is available, it simply leaves out the caffeine but doesn’t actually promote relaxation at the end of a long day. 

Many people think they need to give up drinking coffee to allow themselves to relax, rest, and recover at the end of the day. However, now there’s a way you can get the relaxing benefits of an herbal blend right in your cup of decaf coffee – and it tastes delicious. But first let’s talk about the benefits of taking time for relaxation daily.

Benefits of Relaxation

Calm individuals usually leave an impact on those around them, and maybe this is because chilled out people seem to be an endangered species these days. With the world around us seemingly spinning at an ever increasing rate and more and more praise being handed out to those that move fast and work long hours, it is no surprise that this sense of calm is an endangered state of being, out of reach for many of us.

Tension is something we all feel at one time or another in our lives. The tightening of the chest, shallow breathing, clenched jaw and shaky hands isn’t something anyone wants. Some people feel anxious or tense under the daily pressure from their work or taking care of their family. Others have situational anxiety that is triggered by having to give a presentation or being around big crowds of people. Others get amped up and stressed out from driving in traffic and some people are just generally more tense by nature. These are all of the reasons why this sense of calm is such a desired refuge in our lives. 

Whenever we take the time to promote calm, we find that we’re better able to handle the things that come our way, unplug from the busy world of work, family, and social obligations, and refocus our energies on the things that matter. Finding the time to relax, rest, and recover can be hard, so we recommend turning it into a daily ritual. 

Create a Daily Calm Ritual

Research shows ritual makes us experience things in a different way; it can actually make us value something more. Many people practice daily rituals like yoga, meditation, writing in a gratitude journal, or going on a quiet walk in nature. Making tea is a ritual in Japan. The heating of the water, the brewing of the tea leaves, the straining and pouring of the tea; the aromas, sounds, and flavors all make for an experience that is savored and treasured.

At Wildcrafter Botanicals, we’ve married decaf organic coffee with a relaxing herbal blend to bring you the perfect complement for your daily relaxation ritual. Spiritual Chill coffee is infused with botanicals that make it the perfect blend of traditional herbal rituals, with benefits that are rooted in science. 

Spiritual Chill: Grab your Calm  

We’ve blended organic Arabica decaffeinated coffee with passionflower, holy basil, and chamomile, plants that have long been used to promote a sense of calm and relaxation.* Now you can grab your calm everyday while enjoying the bold flavors of coffee that you love. This remarkable herbal blended coffee gives you the opportunity to grab a cup of calm in the afternoon during a busy day of meetings without sacrificing the comfort of your current routine and nostalgic flavors. It’s nice to be able to take something you love and make it better, and with Spiritual Chill, you really do get the best of both worlds.

Self-care is as important as ever, but it can be hard to find ways to fit something new into your schedule to achieve the self care levels you aim for. Maybe you don’t have enough time for a relaxing bath or an hour and a half of yoga everyday, but you can easily make one small change to incorporate more self care into your existing rituals, including drinking botanically infused coffee.