Healthy Coffee: Get Antioxidants & More with Every Sip.

Healthy Coffee: Get Antioxidants & More with Every Sip.

It’s no secret that people love their coffee! In fact, 64% of American adults are coffee drinkers according to a recent study from the National Coffee Association. And, as people spend more time at home these days thinking about wellness, it’s no surprise that they are looking for healthy coffee options that do more than provide their daily dose of caffeine.

Now, there are some simple things anyone can do to make their favorite coffee drink a bit “healthier” than normal. This includes swapping out traditionally flavored creamers for non-dairy versions with natural flavors or other natural flavor boosters like coconut oil, cinnamon, and lavender essence. But, did you know that coffee on its own has some pretty amazing health benefits, including enhancing energy levels and potentially helping the body to burn fat. And, it’s a source of several antioxidants – which is great news for coffee drinkers everywhere!

So let’s dig deeper into antioxidants to understand why they make coffee a healthy addition to your daily routine. Plus, when you choose premium, infused organic coffee you can get even more wellness benefits through carefully selected plant-based ingredients.

What Are Antioxidants?

Chances are that you have heard the term “antioxidants”, but you may not really know what these are. To put it into simple terms, Healthline describes antioxidants as molecules that fight free radicals in your body. Free radicals are compounds that become harmful at high levels and can contribute to multiple illnesses. While the human body has its own system of antioxidants to help combat free radicals, you can get a boost from whole foods such as berries, kale, spinach, and pecans.

You can also get a healthy dose of antioxidants from coffee! In fact, studies have shown it to have more antioxidants than other beverages, such as green tea, black tea, and red wine! And, because coffee is so popular in America, it is the biggest dietary source of antioxidants in the country. This means that you are actually giving your body’s natural system a free radical-fighting boost with every cup.  

Healthy Coffee: Get Antioxidants & More with Every Sip.

Whole foods like nut, berries, and vegetables are a great source of antioxidants, as are coffee, dark chocolate, and fatty fish like salmon.

Organic Coffee = More Antioxidants

Now we know that coffee has some amazing benefits in addition to waking you up in the morning or getting you through your afternoon slump. But not all coffee is created equal. It’s important to select high-quality coffee to ensure that you aren’t making trade-offs when it comes to your health and wellness.

In our article, Don’t Panic, It’s Organic: The Perks of Organic Coffee, we explored the benefits of selecting organic foods and why choosing organic coffee is so important. Here, we noted that coffee is one of the most heavily chemically-treated crops in the world, with these chemicals posing health risks to not just you, but also to the farmers and their local communities.

When you choose blends made with organic coffee, you are making a better choice for yourself as well as coffee farmers and their neighbors. You are also likely to get a richer, smoother flavor from the higher quality beans. And, organic coffee beans are actually higher in antioxidants than non-organic ones!

Healthy Coffee: Get Antioxidants & More with Every Sip.

Even More Benefits from Botanicals

All Wildcrafter coffee is made from 100% organic Arabica coffee to ensure you are getting the highest-quality along with great flavor and rich antioxidants. But we don’t stop there. Each one of our blends is infused with carefully selected botanicals for specific wellness benefits:

  • Inner Warrior blend with Maca, Lion’s Mane Mushroom and Rhodiola Root for sustainable energy
  • Creative Focus blend with Ashwagandha and Bacopa for enhanced focus and clarity
  • Immune Shield blend with Reishi Mushroom, Astragalus, and Elderberry for immune defense
  • Spiritual Chill blend with Passionflower, Chamomile, and Holy Basil to promote calm

When you upgrade your daily coffee routine with Wildcrafter, you are getting a healthy coffee experience that includes antioxidants, organic coffee beans, and botanical infusions. 

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