Rest and Recover with Calming Coffee + Relaxing Rituals

Rest and Recover with Calming Coffee + Relaxing Rituals

We all know it’s important to exercise and eat healthy foods. We know about leaning in and staying mindful, and we know we should take time for ourselves. But the reality is that getting the kids to school, finishing that presentation for the boss, taking the car to the shop, you name it, the pressures are endless. We are pulled in so many directions that just keeping our lives on track can feel like a heroic task. We know we have to keep going but even a hero needs a way to slow down and add some balance to the proceedings. 

What if you could take something you are already doing to a new level of self care? Welcome to Wildcrafter Botanicals! Grab your calm with a cup of Spiritual Chill! Our Spiritual Chill coffee is made from 100% organic, decaffeinated Arabica beans infused with botanicals specifically chosen for their power to nourish and relax our nervous systems. 

There’s no shortage of reasons to be stressed, but that feeling of stress can get stuck in our nervous systems and become a habit, making it much harder to switch off. When you can’t switch it off, the best way to heal that stress pattern is to switch it out for a competing habit that’s beneficial and healthy. This is where ritual comes in. 

Ritual doesn’t have to be something solemn that lies outside our daily lives. On the contrary, ritual is about finding meaning and restoration in simple things, including our routines. A simple routine can become a rut but an intentional, meaningful routine can become a freeing ritual! You’re already making time to drink your coffee. Now you can infuse this everyday routine with both healing botanicals and the conscious intention for self care with a new type of calming coffee. And, by the way, you’ll be joining the lineage of folks who, for centuries have used drinking coffee as a sacred time

Here are simple exercises you can try to turn your coffee routine into a relaxing ritual while you’re waiting for Spiritual Chill to brew. Take a couple of minutes for yourself to get the relaxing time you need.

Take Deep Breaths

  1. Sit in a chair with your back supported
  2. Close your eyes if you’d like
  3. Breathe in slowly through your nose and visualize the air you breathe in is infused with calm or light
  4. Breathe out through your nose and imagine the breath leaving you is carrying your tension away

Do this exercise as slowly as you can without feeling lightheaded. Ideally breathe in to the count of four and exhale to the count of eight but even more importantly visualize your in-breath as full of light and calm and your out-breath as transporting your stress far away.

Get Outside

Enhance your experience of drinking Spiritual Chill by going outside to be in nature. Sit on the porch or in your garden for a few minutes and silently take in the trees, flowers, and sky. Connecting with nature is healing and energizing. If you can’t go outside, take a conscious pause and look at some greenery from your window.  Even this can be relaxing. To bring yourself even more into the present moment, focus on the taste and aroma of Spiritual Chill as you gaze at the beauty of nature.

Write in a Journal

Keep a Gratitude Journal and write in it everyday while you’re enjoying your Spiritual Chill brew. One great exercise is to write down 3 things you accomplished that day and 3 things you’re grateful for. Research shows that feeling gratitude not only helps us feel positive in the moment but it can also actually rewire our brains to feel happier and more peaceful.


We may not always have time for that yoga class or restorative run, but we can all take a deep breath and stretch while we brew a cup of infused coffee. Raising your arms above your head and reaching for the sky, then gently stretching your body from side to side can help you relax and feel energized from the increased blood flow! 

We invite you to set aside two to five minutes at the same time each day to consciously unwind while you enjoy the comfort of calming coffee with the benefits of botanicals.

Our Founder and The Wildcrafter, Tieraona Low Dog, MD says: “Making this your regular ritual will imprint it in your nervous system so it becomes easier and easier to relax and own your chill!”

Whether you want to ease into your morning, have a cup of calming coffee in the afternoon, or shed the day’s tensions before bed, Spiritual Chill can help you find relaxed focus, and a moment of mindfulness and calm. Drink this infusion for your body and take the moment to get your chill on!