Stay Healthy While Under Stress

Stay Healthy While Under Stress

To say we’re living in stressful times is an enormous understatement. Many of us are experiencing huge changes to our routines while struggling to manage anxiety about an uncertain future. None of us really know what’s going to happen next, and that can be scary and overwhelming. Staying healthy while under this extra stress can be a challenge.

As we work to find balance in all this uncertainty, one thing is abundantly clear — we need to stay healthy. Only then will we have the strength to navigate the challenges we face, and help our loved ones navigate them, too.

Here at Wildcrafter, we’re trying to figure out how to come together in community while staying apart. In recognition of Stress Awareness Month, we’ve gathered our tips for staying healthy during stressful times.

Stay Healthy by Embracing Resilience

Humans are extremely adaptable. While the stresses we’re feeling and the situations we’re going through may be unique to us at this moment, people have been surviving and thriving through difficult times for many, many years.

“The human ability to grow and adapt is truly remarkable, even in the most adverse of times we are able to evolve and blossom. Like the flowers and grass that grows between sidewalk cracks, resilience is in our DNA. So no matter what you’ve been through, or what you may be going through, remember that nothing can or should hinder you from your growth.” Tieraona Low Dog, MD

These wise words from our founder Dr. Low Dog are a reminder that we can still learn and grow in challenging times. Instead of letting your worries wear you down, view them as opportunities to embrace your resilience, grow, and change.

Begin Prioritizing Self-Care

In order to take care of and protect others, we can’t afford to neglect our own needs. How can we care for our most vulnerable neighbors if we ourselves are depleted and unwell? Far from a selfish indulgence, taking care of yourself is a necessity to not only stay well, but also treat your body and mind to the rest it needs to relax and recharge. Here are some things you can do to give yourself a healthy dose of self-care.

  • Get Enough Rest. While you sleep, your body produces proteins called cytokines that support a healthy immune system. To further support your system, consider Wildcrafter’s Immune Shield. It contains a combination of unique herbs and antioxidant-rich coffee that can enhance your body’s natural stress response.*
  • Keep a Journal. Writing down your fears and worries is an excellent way to ease anxiety. When you spell out what’s bothering you, it stops weighing on you so heavily. Set aside some time for writing every day, and allow your pen to guide you. 
  • Remember to Breathe. When you start to feel panic swelling inside you, hit “pause” on whatever you’re doing and take a few slow, even breaths. Deep breathing stimulates the part of your nervous system responsible for creating a sense of calm while triggering the release of soothing hormones.

If you can’t seem to find time for self-care, make time by putting it on your calendar. Just as you and your partner might set up a weekly date night, you can schedule some “you” time.

Reduce Stress by Creating Grounding Rituals

Many of us rely on routines to help us feel safe and secure. With so many of these routines upended by global uncertainty, we may find ourselves feeling unmoored and adrift. To help bring you back to solid ground, consider creating some healthy rituals.

Your daily routines may keep you moving and on task, but rituals provide something deeper — a transformation of the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

An act as simple as making a ritual out of your daily coffee habit can have a powerful effect on health and wellbeing. Take time to make and enjoy your coffee. Savor the aroma, enjoy every sip, and watch the steam swirl above the cup and disappear with your worries. 

With botanically-infused Wildcrafter coffee, you can elevate the experience, giving yourself something new and special to look forward to, and to hold onto. And the plants in our blends have been carefully chosen to support overall wellbeing, so your body, mind, and spirit can benefit from your grounding coffee ritual.

Seek Solace in Nature to Soothe Stress

Even if you’re practicing social distancing, you can still spend time outdoors. In fact, doing so could give your physical and mental health a big boost. Ever heard of “forest bathing” trips? Those who practice this nature ritual that began in Japan, experience a boost in mood and a reduction of stress from this immersion in nature.

However, you don’t have to camp out to feel the positive effects of outdoor time! Bring the outdoors in by starting an indoor herb garden or grow a potted plant on your at-home workspace for some greenery inside. 

Spending just 20 minutes in a park can make you feel happier, according to recent research. Spending time in nature by yourself gives you a chance to enjoy your own company. Wildcrafter founder Tieraona Low Dog, MD, suggests leaving technology behind and letting the rhythm of your breath fall into sync with your footsteps. In this way, you’re cultivating mindfulness while enjoying fresh air and solitude.

Connect with Others to Stay Social

While it’s nice to enjoy your own company, you may find yourself struggling with loneliness during stressful times from a lack of interaction with others — especially if you’re not leaving the house. You might also be worried about family and friends who are far away. Luckily, technology can help us, both with sustaining connections and creating new ones.

Texting, emailing, and video chatting are all effective communication tools that fall into the category of “better than nothing” when face-to-face interactions aren’t an option. If you prefer a low-tech approach (or if your loved ones aren’t tech-savvy), an old fashioned letter or postcard could really brighten somebody’s day.

To make new friends without leaving the house, consider joining an online group through social media. You can connect with people who share your interests, or learn a new skill, or simply chat with a fellow human in search of simple companionship. Just make sure that the extra time you spend on social media is about forging these connections, and not getting swept up in the news.

With a constant stream of information available to us, it can be easy to get swept up in the panic, especially for those who already struggle with mental wellness. But keep calm, and remember that you are not helpless or alone.” Tieraona Low Dog, MD

Reduce Stress by Harnessing the Power of Plants

Now more than ever, many of us are turning to plants to help us stay healthy. That’s why Wildcrafter has taken a beverage most of us drink every day, coffee, and infused it with nourishing botanicals. Our doctor-crafted blends are purposefully created to provide you with unique wellness benefits that you can experience by simply enjoying a delicious cup of 100% organic Arabica coffee.

Seeking a clean source of sustained energy? Want to enhance focus? Looking for a natural way to chill out? Want to support a healthy immune system? There’s a Wildcrafter blend for you. 

Take Good Care

We hope that you’ll find these ideas useful as you strive to stay healthy during this stressful time. Making self-care a priority, taking comfort in the natural world, forming connections through technology, and relying on herbal allies are all ways to help you stay strong — for yourself and for others who may need a hand.Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns, or simply to share your own suggestions for staying well in the face of adversity. Because we’re all in this together, even if we’re apart. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram. Or follow Dr. Low Dog on Facebook.