The Safety and Sustainability of Wildcrafter’s Products

The Safety and Sustainability of Wildcrafter’s Products

At Wildcrafter Botanicals, we consider ourselves “one with plants.” As we live in a fast-paced world where convenience can overshadow sustainability and our ecological footprint, finding the intersection between ease-of-use and ecological responsibility has been forefront in our product development. We not only developed our existing products with this in mind but will continue to evolve our products to best benefit you and the earth. 

Read on to learn more about our commitment to safety and sustainability!

Why K-cups® Then? 

K-cup® pods are a groundbreaking, convenient way to experience coffee and beverages. We chose top of the line K-cups® pods that are the best option when it comes to delivering the optimal amount of botanicals, recycling, health, taste, and convenience. Since we recommend that you have up to 3 cups per day of any of our blends, K-cup® pods are 100% consistent in delivering the exact amount of botanicals we intended in every serving. And since K-cup® machines provide the high heat and pressure needed to activate the botanicals inside, you get a maximum extraction for maximum benefit. 

You can also enjoy our Wildcrafter products without using K-cups® or a Keurig – see more on that below!

What Makes Our K-Cups® Easier To Recycle? 

Currently, less than 10% of K-cups® on the market are easily recyclable. While many K-cups® contain a recycling symbol, they are made with #7 plastic that is not accepted at many recycling facilities. Additionally, the plastic cup is sealed with a foil lid and contains a paper filter. Even if your local facility accepts #7 plastic, it must be separated from all other components before being put into your bin. 

At Wildcrafter, we’ve made recycling our K-cups® and product a priority – and easier for you to do so:

  • Our K-cups® are made with #5 plastic, which is accepted by more recycling facilities than #7 and is easier for those facilities to recycle.
  • We’ve chosen a foil lid that contains a small tab on the side (something that many other K-cups® don’t have) so you can easily peel off the lid for better recycling.
  • Our paper filter and coffee grounds are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

This puts us in the top 10% of easily recyclable K-cups® on the market!

Our K-cups® are SCS Global Certified Recyclable. The K-Cup® we chose ensures that your coffee stays fresh and is widely recyclable.
IB'S Sustainable Pod

Here’s how we recommend you recycle our K-cups®:

  1. After brewing, allow at least 2 minutes for your capsule to cool.
  2. Carefully peel off the foil lid and remove the filter with the coffee grounds. 
  3. Compost or discard the grounds and filter. 
  4. Recycle the foil and plastic capsule wherever #5 recyclables are accepted.

But Aren’t Plastics Bad For Food Storage Because They Contain Harmful Chemicals?

Our K-cups® are made from #5 recyclable plastics, otherwise known as polypropylene. This type of plastic can withstand high heat without leaching chemicals. Polypropylene has been given the highest safety rating by the Environmental Working Group (EWG): a 1 on a scale of 1-10.

BPA is an industrial chemical found in some plastic food storage containers, and linked to possible health effects. Some, but not all, containers marked with a #3 or #7 recycling code are at risk of containing BPA. We’ve upgraded our K-cups® so they’re made of #5 plastics and are safer for you.

Speaking of making sure our K-cups® aren’t harmful to your health, we also test our plants and our coffee for 306 pesticides/herbicides. Our results indicate “none detected.” Pesticides and herbicides are some of our greatest endocrine disruptors, but you don’t have to worry about that with Wildcrafter.

But Why Did You Still Choose K-cups® And Not Ground Or Whole-Bean Coffee?

We wanted to include careful and thoughtful amounts of our botanicals in every cup. In fact – we only recommend that you have up to 3 cups per day of any of our blends. Right now, we are working on other, non-K-cup® ways to give you these meaningful levels of botanicals, that are 100% consistent in every cup.

We want to ensure that you aren’t getting “pixie dust” levels of botanicals in some cups and too much in others – so that every cup is safe, fresh, delicious, and includes exactly what’s on the label. 

As mentioned, K-cup® machines also provide the high heat and pressure needed to activate the botanicals inside. It helps you get a maximum extraction for maximum benefit. You may even find that you need less cups of coffee than you’re used to!

What If I Don’t Have A Keurig® Machine?

If you want to try Wildcrafter coffee but don’t have or don’t want to use a K-Cup® machine, we recommend a French Press coffee maker. It is an affordable appliance that brews ground coffee and does not require electricity. You can get a small one that brews a mug or two to use on the go or in the office. Simply open the K-cup® with the easy peel tab, and pour out the grounds and botanicals into your French Press.

What If I Still Don’t Want My Coffee To Come From A K-Cup®?

We completely understand, respect, and thank you for being so cognizant of your environmental footprint! We’re working very hard to develop a method of giving you whole-bean or ground coffee with botanical benefits. In the meantime if you’re still interested in our botanicals blends, check back on our social pages or website for more information on our progress or release of those new delivery methods.

We look forward to providing you with more safe and sustainable products and their amazing botanical benefits soon!