The Scientific Benefits of “Supercharged” Coffee

The Scientific Benefits of “Supercharged” Coffee

The health benefits of coffee have been well documented. There is science suggesting it can do everything from sharpen focus to improve athletic performance. When we hear about research touting the benefits of coffee, many of us grasp our morning cup a little more tightly and, feeling vindicated, down yet another mugful of our favorite brew. Why not, right? It’s good for us!

Of course, most of the time we’re not thinking about what coffee is doing for our health. For a coffee drinker, that first cup of the day is an essential part of the morning routine, something that we need before we can even think about doing anything else. But what if your morning cup of coffee could be something that gives you more than the regular benefits of coffee?

You can transform your morning routine into an inspired ritual, simply by swapping one K-Cup® for another. Wildcrafter’s botanically infused organic coffee blends go beyond the standard cup of coffee to provide you with what you need to own the daily grind.

What’s special about botanically-infused coffee?

For thousands of years, people from around the globe have turned to plants to nourish and support health. Now science is studying the “how and why” many of these herbs do what they do—and which ones might benefit you. Weaving time-tested traditions with modern science, Wildcrafter has infused your coffee with the awesome power of botanicals.

At Wildcrafter, nature is our inspiration and science is our foundation. We’ve infused organic coffee with botanicals designed to enhance resiliency and vitality when used as part of your daily rituals. By adding meaningful levels of key botanicals and mushrooms, we’ve given your favorite drink a naturally beneficial upgrade.

Purposeful blends, precise potency

Adding the power of plants to something as simple as your coffee can have a potent effect on health and wellbeing. Every plant and mushroom that makes its way into your cup has purpose—boost your energy, channel your focus, instill a sense of calm, support your immunity.

Some of the ingredients in our energizing Inner Warrior blend include: 

  • Rhodiola root has been widely used to combat fatigue. It can also enhance both physical and mental performance. Rhodiola belongs to a category of herbs known as adaptogens that support the body’s response to stress, providing immediate help as well as long-term sustenance.*
  • Maca root thrives in the difficult growing conditions of the Andes, where it has a long history of medicinal use. Maca root helps support energy, vitality and stamina. It can also defend against stress and help elevate mood.*
  • Lion’s Mane mushroom is often eaten for its taste, but it is so much more than just a mushroom! It has historically been used by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and modern science has identified many health benefits of Lion’s Mane. It supports memory and concentration, along with cognitive function and the nervous system.*

Wildcrafter adds the science of botanicals to the convenience of coffee, so you get the most out of every sip. Brewing botanicals in hot water enhances the extraction of key compounds in our botanical blends, maximizing their beneficial properties. 

And because we believe you deserve to know exactly what goes into your coffee, we share every ingredient in our blends down to the milligram. The meaningful amounts of botanicals and mushrooms in Wildcrafter blends are captured in a dietary supplement facts panel.

Coffee that still tastes like coffee

Scientific benefits aside, what do these botanically-infused blends taste like? In a word, coffee. The Wildcrafter spent years tinkering with recipes to make sure Inner Warrior, Creative Focus, and other Wildcrafter blends provide herbal benefits while still tasting like a great cup of coffee. The result? Botanical benefits without the overwhelming botanical taste. You can take your Wildcrafter blend the same way you take your coffee. It’s as easy as swapping your usual cup for a supercharged (but no less tasty) one. 

Wildcrafter coffee is:

  • Organic
  • Fair Trade
  • Dark roast
  • 100% Arabica Beans
  • Sourced from women and communityowned farming cooperatives in Colombia

Wildcrafter only uses 100% organic, fair-trade Arabica beans in our blends. We’ve chosen dark roast to give our blends that bold and delicious coffee flavor you love. And because it is the perfect complement to our botanicals. 

Because we’re committed to responsible practices, your brew contains only the highest quality coffee beans sourced from women and community-owned cooperative farms in Colombia.

Sustained energy without the crash

When you’re having one of those days where you just don’t have the energy to accomplish everything on your to-do list but have no choice but to keep going, it can be tempting to reach for an energy drink to help you power through. 

But while these beverages may give you a short-term boost, it’s often followed by a wicked caffeine and sugar crash. Many energy drinks are also loaded with chemicals that don’t do your body any favors.

With their meaningful botanical content, Wildcrafter’s Inner Warrior can be an effective alternative to energy drinks—a way to energize without paying the price later. Enjoying up to three cups of Wildcrafter coffee every day provides you with sustained effects that wear off gradually.* There’s no better way to knock out your to-do list while also being good to your body.

Live your best medicine

When you swap your regular morning joe for a cup of botanically infused Wildcrafter coffee, you’re not just going through the same old routine. You’re making every morning the single best part of your day. If you’re looking to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, look no further than our Wildcrafter coffee.