Why You Should Be Drinking Reishi Mushroom Coffee

Why You Should Be Drinking Reishi Mushroom Coffee

As more people explore the various health and wellness benefits of mushrooms, one trend has been gaining traction in recent times – and that’s mushroom coffee. Now, these two terms don’t seem to naturally go together. After all, the word “mushroom” typically evokes the thought of the fungi’s very specific taste and texture which has been known to be polarizing. The thought of combining that with one of America’s most beloved beverages seems…. well, frankly, a bit odd.

Even so, mushroom coffee is growing in popularity not only because of its potential health benefits, but because of the surprisingly smooth and balanced flavor it offers. Reishi mushroom coffee, in particular, is gaining fans these days due reishi’s potential to support the immune system, enhance energy, and promote a general sense of well-being.* Combine that with one’s daily dose of caffeine, and you have an unexpected yet winning combination.

Why Reishi Mushroom in Coffee?

According to Mushroom Appreciation, there are currently over 10,000 types of known mushrooms. Reishi is a type of saprotrophic mushroom that has been highly prized in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Ancient medicinal practices would crush the mushroom into a powder, and then combine it with hot water. (So, the idea of blending it with a hot beverage isn’t technically new!)

Today, reishi mushrooms are widely used in herbal medicine as an adaptogen. Adaptogens are a category of botanicals that act in a general and gentle way to support the body’s stress response.* Whether the stressor is external (a demanding job, worrying about money, caring for a sick loved one) or internal (physical stress, lack of sleep), adaptogens go where they’re needed to help you. (Want to learn more? Read our other blog post Adaptogens and Your Health.)


Now that we know why reishi is a powerful plant-based ingredient, let’s explore why it pairs so well with coffee. On its own, reishi has a very bitter taste. But, when combined with the flavor attributes of coffee and other complementary ingredients, the result is a smooth, natural flavor.

For example, our Immune Shield botanical coffee blend combines the following ingredients to provide more wellness benefits in every sip along with a delicious flavor:

  • Organic Fair Trade Arabica Coffee
  • Organic Reishi Mushroom
  • Organic Astragalus Root
  • Organic Elderberry Fruit

In addition to creating the right balance of flavors, these ingredients work together to help shield your immune system and enhance your body’s natural stress response. *

If you are looking to upgrade your daily coffee routine for more wellness, reishi mushroom coffee is a great option! Not only do you get the potential health benefits, but you also get your daily dose of caffeine and all with a great smooth flavor.

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