Inner Warrior Ground Coffee

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Awaken your inner warrior to combat day-to-day burnout. Because every day needs a hero.

  • Every Bag

    • 12 oz / 24 servings
    • 100% Organic Arabica Beans
    • Fair Trade Certified Coffee
  • Every Cup

    • Rhodiola Root – 200 mg.
    • Lion’s Mane Mushroom – 200 mg.
    • Maca Root – 400 mg.
  • Every Day

    • Enjoy 1-3 Cups Daily
    • Drink however you take coffee

The Right Blend Changes Everything

Coffee Bean

100% Arabica Coffee Bean

100% Arabica means your coffee contains only the best organic coffee beans sourced from women and community owned farms in Colombia.

Rhodiola Root

Rhodiola Root

(Rhodiola rosea)

Widely used to combat fatigue and enhance both physical and mental performance*, sweet-smelling rhodiola root adds a dose of concentration to your cup.

Lion's Mane Mushroom

Lion's Mane Mushroom

(Hericium erinaceus)

So much more than a mushroom, lion's mane mushroom supports memory and concentration, along with cognitive function and the nervous system*.

Maca Root

Maca Root

(Lepidium meyenii)

Maca root supports energy metabolism to help give your endurance and stamina a boost. Plus, it defends against stress and elevates your mood*.

Customer Reviews

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Stephanie Dahlgren
Just Wow!

I absolutely love your coffee blends! Inner Warrior helps with alertness and keeps Me in a great place to approach daily orogress! Thank you!

Linda Holt
Love this COFFEE

Not only is this coffee good for you it tastes good too. That is so rare. Keep up making such a great product. Can’t wait till K-cups are back in stock.

Best coffee for burnt out student

I am a student and I originally bought their coffee when things moved online and I was having some trouble staying focused. Not only did this help me get through that period of online learning, but it also tastes so good. I was worried I wouldn’t like it because I feel like I’m picky when it comes to coffee. Recently I had to cancel my subscription because I can’t have caffeine anymore but there was some sort of technical issue so I had to contact customer support. They got back to me within a day or two and took care of everything. I think this could also be a good holiday gift so I might get some for that. My friends and fam were always very interested in what the mushroom coffee was like.

Kazi Snazi

It is truly as delicious as they rant on about it. I love this coffee!!!

CJ LaQue
My belly loves this coffee~

I have recently changed from kurig coffee to whole bean coffee, I have felt a difference in how it effects my belly AND how it tastes. I have been drinking the Wildcraft coffee and what an amazing coffee. I can enjoy 2 cups in the morning and not have a bubbly tummy. So happy.

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