Strength Coffee Pods Pack

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Get powerful botanical benefits morning, noon and night with 1 Box of each of our Energy and Defend blends.
  • Every Pack

    • 12 Inner Warrior K-Cups®
    • 12 Immune Shield K-Cups ®
  • Every Cup

    • 100% Organic Arabica Beans In Recyclable K-Cups®
    • Fair Trade Certified Coffee
  • Every Day

    • Enjoy 1-3 Cups Per Blend Per Day
    • Drink However You Take Your Coffee

Powerful Benefits To Keep You Going Strong

Keep your energy up and your body strong with our Energy and Defend blends of botanically infused organic coffee. An intelligent blend of herbs and a dose of caffeine are a natural extension of your daily ritual. Each of these blends uses the best of nature to boost energy or support a healthy immune response* — making every cup the most beneficial part of your day.

First Certified Recyclable Pod in the USA

Environmental Claims Validation™
By SCS Global Services

We’re proud to be using the 1st certified recyclable K-Cup® in the United States. These pods are made from material that can be collected, separated or otherwise recovered from a waste stream through an established recycling program. Recycling facilities are available to at least 60% of metropolitan communities where sold.


Logs denoting the different recycling verifications

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