Herbal Coffee

Herbal Coffee Takes Wellness to a New Level

Getting the benefits of adaptogens, functional mushrooms, and other powerful plants doesn’t have to be complicated! With Wildcrafter herbal coffee blends, you can energize, focus, chill, or stay healthy, just by sipping on a delicious cup of our organic coffee. With 4 blends to choose from, you can start getting more from every day.

Wellness + Coffee

People have been getting the powerful benefits of herbs and plants through tea for centuries. We’ve taken the same concept and applied it to America’s favorite morning beverage – coffee! Now you can have the great tasting coffee you’re used to – plus the benefits you’d normally only find by taking a handful of herbal supplements each day.

What kind of benefits can you expect in our botanical coffee? Just like you can find sleepytime tea, tea for when you’re sick, and more – our coffee blends can provide a variety of benefits depending on the botanicals inside. Choose from Energy, Focus, Calm, or Defend – or mix them all throughout the day!

Best of all, our botanical coffee is organic, Fair Trade Certified and nothing short of delicious!


Why Coffee with Herbs?

Wildcrafter’s doctor crafted blends add the science of botanicals to 100% organic Arabica coffee, so you get more health benefits out of every sip.

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What Our Customers Say

5 star review

“Amazing blend of great taste and health benefits! I tried this coffee because it was organic and I wanted a healthier start to my day but it’s the best coffee pod I have ever tasted! Rich and smooth blend!”

Robin | Verified Buyer

5 star review

“I am a lover of good coffee and wasn’t sure how this would taste. It is great tasting and has the added benefits. I have made Wildcrafter coffees part of my daily routine.”

Michelle | Verified Buyer

5 star review

“I found the Immune Shield very smooth and good coffee flavor. It’s my favorite and with colder weather coming, the extra boost of antioxidants in a warm beverage is fantastic!”

Ronny | Verified Buyer

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