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Maca Coffee Helps You Avoid Day-to-Day Burnout

An adaptogenic superfood that has been used to support healthy mood and increase stamina, maca is the perfect addition to your morning cup of coffee. Our Inner Warrior coffee with maca also contains lion’s mane mushroom and rhodiola root for even more power to get through your day-to-day!
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Maca Coffee For Sustainable Energy

Maca is one of our favorite superherbs. Because it’s both an adaptogen and a superfood, we think it’s an ideal botanical to enhance your everyday energy. This very hardy root that grows in the high elevations of Peru is the perfect way to give your stamina a boost.

But why maca mixed with coffee? Both the caffeine in coffee and the sustained benefits of maca help to keep you energized longer without the crash that comes with only drinking caffeine. And since most Americans already start their day with coffee, it’s one easy switch that can upgrade your daily routine!

Make the switch today to Inner Warrior to combat day-to-day burnout!

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