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Reishi Coffee Keeps You Feeling Your Best

When you feel like your body is constantly under attack, our Immune Shield coffee is the perfect addition to your morning routine. Infused with reishi mushrooms, elderberries, and astragalus root, each cup can now be the healthiest part of your day.

Reishi Coffee

Reishi mushrooms are one of the best mushrooms to try if you’re just starting to explore the functional benefits of these powerful fungi! They’re even known as the “mushroom of immortality.” But because of their taste, it’s hard to get them into your diet in a way that tastes good and doesn’t require more bottles of supplement pills.

Reishi mushrooms are very bitter tasting. So even though they have some amazing immune-boosting* powers, many people find that they are hard to consume. But we’ve discovered the perfect complement to reishi – bold, dark roast coffee! By mixing this mushroom with a dark roast, we keep your coffee tasting like coffee while still giving you the benefits of reishi mushrooms inside. And since most Americans already start their day with coffee, it’s one easy switch that can upgrade your daily routine!

We know that drinking reishi coffee and superherbs sounds a little strange, but the benefits you can feel are nothing short of amazing!

Reishi Mushroom + Coffee


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