Spiritual Chill Coffee Pods

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Wherever you have your coffee can be your sanctuary to rest and recover-and let your spirit chill.

  • Every Box

    • 12 K-Cups®
    • 100% Organic Decaf Arabica Beans
    • Fair Trade Certified Coffee In Recyclable K-Cups®
  • Every Cup

    • Chamomile Flower – 250 MG.
    • Holy Basil Leaf – 200 MG.
    • Passionflower Herb – 200 MG.
  • Every Day

    • Enjoy 1-3 Cups Daily
    • Drink however you take coffee
    • For the perfect brew, use 8oz. Setting

The Right Blend Changes Everything

Coffee Bean

100% Arabica Decaf Coffee Bean

100% Arabica means your K-Cup® contains only the best organic coffee beans sourced from women and community owned farms in Colombia.

Chamomile Flower

Chamomile Flower

(Matricaria chamomilla)

An herb gentle enough for babies, chamomile flower encourages relaxation and soothes the digestive tract*. You'll love the relaxed effects and slightly sweet aroma.

Holy Basil Leaf

Holy Basil Leaf

(Ocimum sanctum)

Holy basil is a stress-busting herb that helps you keep calm. When taken regularly, it promotes nutrient absorption and all-over health*.

Passionflower Herb

Passionflower Herb

(Passiflora incarnata)

Both a sleep aid and gentle sedative, passionflower herb relieves nervous tension to promote relaxation*. One of the calming herbs, it helps ease anxiety and promote rest*.

First Certified Recyclable Pod in the USA

Environmental Claims Validation™
By SCS Global Services

We’re proud to be using the 1st certified recyclable K-Cup® in the United States. These pods are made from material that can be collected, separated or otherwise recovered from a waste stream through an established recycling program. Recycling facilities are available to at least 60% of metropolitan communities where sold.


Logs denoting the different recycling verifications

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Adrienne Klos
Better than wine

I am completely in love with Spiritual Chill. The scent of the coffee brewing is beyond heavenly - it's perfect. The taste of all the Wildcrafter blends are spot on. No strange mouthfeel or chemical aftertaste - just a straight up good cuppa. But the way it makes me feel is what keeps me ordering more. I love to have Spiritual Chill after dinner. It relaxes me more than a bath and glass of wine, and it's so much more convenient on these busy winter school nights!

Janet Scroggins
Wasn’t Sure

As a coffee lover I was skeptical at first about a coffee made from herbs. But I had been told to lower my caffeine intake and thought I’d give this a try. I was extremely surprised at the great taste. When Amazon didn’t have any more available I located the company’s website and setup a biweekly delivery. Now I’m just waiting for that first delivery! I’ve been without my coffee for about a week right now! Can’t wait wait for the wonderful aroma and taste!!

Cynthia Ross-Barr
Calm for Sure

I truly enjoyed the taste. I normally dont drink decaf coffee but wanted to try it. Its my new night time drink.

Unexpectedly good

I have ordered numerous "healthy " and "super" coffees and there is always either an issue with taste, such as bitter, syrupy, herbaly, just plain nasty, or simpy weak and unpleasant coffee. NOT THIS!!!! this is a great, strong, not bitter, delicious cup of coffee with no aftertaste of the herbal addition, very convenient with k cups as well! I am on my second order of all 4 of the options and i like them all! Good job on being organic, healthy and delicious as well as convenient! Cant beat that!


We love the taste of this coffee & the health benefits are unsurpassed! Thank you!!!

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Love Your Coffee Or It’s On Us

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